Book Review: The Art of SEO, 2nd Edition

by elissabiz

For those readers who are experienced in SEO, the authors of The Art of SEO need no introduction. Rand Fishkin, Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer and Jessie Stricchiola are some of the industry’s heaviest hitters. Rand Fishkin
is the co-founder of SEOmoz, one of my favorite resources for SEO guides and software. I was very excited to see that O’Reilly had released an update to the first edition of “The Art of SEO.”

At 714 pages, The Art of SEO is comprehensive. Broken down into 14 well organized chapters, this guide provides both a clear and accessible introduction for beginners while also being a very welcome up-to-date guide for the advanced practitioner.

I consider myself to be an intermediate SEO marketer. This book solved my problem of needing up to date information on SEO (usually found via blog posts) with the depth more often found in a book – all in one well organized volume.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough, for people who are interested in an in-depth and up to date guide to Search Engine Optimization. O’Reilly book SEO Warrior is an excellent companion to this. SEO Warrior provides more details on the use of code for SEO optimization, making the two texts complimentary. If I were choosing one book to purchase either as an introduction or as an advanced reference, “The Art of SEO” is my top pick by a significant margin.