My Review of Learning Ruby

by elissabiz

Originally submitted at O’Reilly

The Language that Powers Rails

Learning Ruby: Good but Not Great Primer

By Elissa Shevinsky from Mountain View, CA on 7/30/2012


2out of 5

Pros: Concise, Easy to understand

Cons: Too many errors, Not comprehensive enough, Too basic

Best Uses: Novice

Describe Yourself: CEO

For a task like “Learning Ruby” I would normally choose a guide that is very up-to-date. As other reviewers have noted, this book was published in 2007. A newer text is required for more useful information on installing Ruby and Rails.

While this text is useful as a quick easy-to-read tour of Ruby there are books that are both more up to date, more comprehensive, and more authoritative. “The Ruby Programming Language” comes to mind as an iconic text, also published by O’Reilly, and without the errors and thinness that account for poor reviews of “Learning Ruby.”

While I found the simplicity of “Learning Ruby” made it very approachable, my recommendation is to read the more authoritative and more comprehensive book “The Ruby Programming Language” instead.

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